About The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International: Public Insurance Adjusting and Disaster Recovery Consulting Services

In 1946 The Greenspan Co. was founded in Los Angeles by Sidney Greenspan, whose dedication to personalized customer service quickly became legendary. As Sidney’s reputation grew, so did the firm.

The Greenspan Co./AI Works for You

The Greenspan Co./AI Works for You

In 1985 our firm, along with a group of leading public adjusting firms in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, foresaw the need for an international network of highly skilled public adjusters who could bring specific expertise to servicing any type of loss, anywhere, at any time. Adjusters International was the result.

In 1989, recognizing the need for our services outside of the Southern California, we opened our first Northern California office in San Francisco. The Oakland Hills Firestorm of 1991 cemented our success and established us as the public adjusting company sought out by other industry professionals, including insurance agents, real estate brokers and attorneys. We also represented hundreds of homeowners impacted by the Oakland Hills Firestorm.

In 1994, as a direct result of the Northridge Earthquake and the resulting demand for our services, our firm grew exponentially. The reputation we had earned in over 50 years of business made us the go-to firm for earthquake claims expertise.

In 2003, to better handle and represent the diverse cultures and business personalities in our vast area, we regionalized the control of our firm into two operating centers, one in Northern California headquartered in South San Francisco, and one in Southern California, headquartered in Encino. We currently have offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County, SacramentoSan Diego, San Jose, Santa Barbara and Pleasanton, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Phoenix, Arizona along with a focused presence in The Sierra Nevada and California’s Central and Imperial Valleys.

Each of our offices assures you of local presence, community support and involvement, understanding of regional particularities including pricing and industry protocols. Our services are supported by our network of highly skilled professionals including adjusters, attorneys, construction cost estimators, forensic accountants and inventory specialists.

We are experienced with the different types of natural disasters that strike, the many companies that insure against them, and how claims are handled. Our public adjusters have the resources and expertise to thoroughly investigate your loss, accurately prepare, document and submit your claim. This assures you of a full, fair and expedited settlement.

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About Adjusters International: Public Insurance Adjusting and Disaster Recovery Consulting Services

Adjusters International is a disaster recovery consulting organization focused on the principles of maximizing and expediting our clients’ financial recovery from insurance and FEMA claims. We have two well-established areas of expertise: providing the nation’s leading public adjusting services, and guiding FEMA grantees and applicants through the FEMA public assistance program. These two units of knowledgeable public adjusters and disaster recovery consultants link seamlessly to deliver the Total Solution® to FEMA-eligible entities.

The Adjusters International Story

In 1985, 13 of the industry’s leading public adjusting firms joined forces to bring property insurance policyholders who had suffered loss and damage a groundbreaking standard of recovery assistance. The new organization — Adjusters International — could put a team of top professionals virtually anywhere, at any time, delivering an unprecedented level of expertise, experience, advocacy and service to help insureds recover from property losses that were frequently disastrous in scope.

Over the years, Adjusters International has become one of the largest and most respected organizations in its field, today with over 40 offices throughout the United States and Canada. It has helped policyholders of all types recover from many of the worst natural and man-made disasters.

In 1996, Adjusters International recognized the need to provide the same level of expertise, advocacy and service to eligible government entities and not-for-profit organizations that had suffered a disaster and were seeking recovery under FEMA’s public assistance grants program — guiding them through the complicated application process.

From terrorist attacks to hurricanes, explosions to earthquakes, fires to floods, Adjusters International has been instrumental in putting clients on the road to recovery with both public adjusting services and the disaster recovery grant process.

In 2016, Adjusters International again expanded its offerings to include disaster preparedness and resiliency services in advance of a disaster. To accomplish this new direction, AI joined with Tidal Basin Group, a national emergency management and disaster recovery consulting firm with unique knowledge and experience in the areas of emergency and disaster preparedness, planning, response, recovery, mitigation management and funding.

Adjusters International and Tidal Basin are now one organization — peerless in its ability to provide a Total Solution® for disaster preparedness and recovery, whether the need involves government grants or property insurance claims.

Our disaster preparedness and recovery services are provided under the Tidal Basin name.

Our adjusting services continue to be delivered by our licensed regional public adjusting firms, under the Adjusters International umbrella. Many of those firms are family owned and been operating for decades in their respective markets, providing personalized service and proven expertise in advocating for the best possible financial recovery for their clients.

Adjusters International Leadership

Experience, professionalism, and a deep-seated commitment to customer service are the hallmarks of our industry leadership.

Adjusters International boasts more senior and certified public adjusting professionals than any other organization of its kind. Our FEMA Public Assistance disaster recovery team is staffed by top-notch specialists with proven, on-the-ground expertise, whose sights are focused on making sure clients receive every dollar of funding for which they are eligible. Together, the Adjusters International team represents some of the best and most experienced minds in their fields.

Regional Offices

Adjusters International is made up of several regional offices, each dedicated to providing personalized service within their local community. With over 40 offices nationwide, the Adjusters International team includes top talent from the public insurance adjusting and disaster recovery industries. Local commitment, personalized service and proven expertise are the hallmarks of our reputation.

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