Water Damage Insurance Claims

The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International specializes in helping you through the property damage insurance claims process following water damage to your business, your building or your home. The clean-up and restoration process for water damage can start before your insurance claim is even filed, so it is key to engage our services as early in the process as possible.

The following steps are paramount, and it is our role to make sure they get done quickly and efficiently:

  • Verify the path of the water and create a moisture map, which should include relative humidity data.
  • Photographically document the damages.
  • Test mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Verify whether safe to reinstate or not. If not, coordinate temporary power and install drying equipment.
  • Place your insurance carrier on notice.
  • Remove all wet building materials…once tested for asbestos and lead…and install temporary power and drying equipment.
  • Move air and dry the building. Reduce relative humidity percentage to datum (once established).
  • Separate damaged from undamaged stock and/or personal property, inventory and photographically document.

As the policyholder, it is your responsibility to make sure that the insurance company has all the information and evidence regarding the extent of the water damage. We will be there with you every step of the way, to ensure that the full scope of the damage is documented and supported in your claim.

We have been assisting business owners and homeowners with their property damage claims since 1946. With our combined years of experience and knowledge, our team will negotiate with your insurance company to secure the maximum amount of your allowable recovery from your water damage claim.

We lost 30 units [from water damage] at a brand new 237 unit apartment building two days before it was scheduled to open. It was a devastating setback.

Thanks to your expert handling of our insurance claim, we were able to recover almost three times the amount our insurance company originally offered. You and your team were always there advocating on our behalf and navigating the claim through the numerous coverage issues. Your wealth of knowledge was invaluable in helping us get back on our feet. Without your involvement, we would not have recovered as much of our losses as we were with your assistance. Your company’s fee was well-spent on our part and well-earned on yours.

Jeff Bennion, Manager
Howick Properties, LLC

Put your trust in the experts at The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International to handle your claim, and let us guide you toward a full and faster recovery. Following is a partial list of who we have helped following sudden water damage:

  • 3 Day Suit Brokers
  • Athan Corporation
  • Best Western Seaside
  • California Professional Firefighters Association
  • Castle Neckwear
  • Center For Orthopedic & Sports Excellence
  • Crenshaw Medical Arts Building
  • Darna International
  • Dearden’s Department Store
  • DMF Lighting
  • D.R. Stephens & Company
  • Festival Of The Arts
  • Foremost Athletic
  • Georgious Kiurtsidis, DDS
  • H. Savinar Luggage Company
  • Holiday Inn Express
  • Le Chateau Apartments
  • Michael Tuite
  • Pacific Lighting Systems
  • Paxton Products
  • Superior Moulding
  • Utap Printing Company
  • World Auto Parts