Tornado, Hurricane and Wind Damage – Residential Insurance Claims

wind damage insurance claims

Our public insurance adjusters can:

  • Fully review your insurance coverage;
  • Determine policy compliance issues;
  • Develop a claim management strategy;
  • Complete detailed valuations of personal inventory losses;
  • Assemble comprehensive claim presentations with expert reports; and
  • Expedite the entire process.

Successful recovery of your eligible costs requires a full understanding of not only the basics of the FEMA Public Assistance program, but of how insurance and FEMA complement one another. No one understands this interaction better than The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International.

Our disaster recovery strategies support:

  • Development of accounting and database systems;
  • Determination of eligibility and project categories;
  • Development of a funding plan to support your vision for rebuilding;
  • Preparation of project worksheets in a FEMA-acceptable format;
  • Maximization of hazard mitigation opportunities;
  • Reconciliation of FEMA and insurance recoveries;
  • Establishment of guidelines for reimbursement and audit compliance.

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