Arizona Hailstorm Property Damage Resources

As hailstorms rarely strike Phoenix, Arizona, the hail damage experienced on October 5th is unique to the area. As such, most local contractors, adjusters, and other remediation companies are unfamiliar with the subtle damages that this hailstorm caused. Over and over again we are seeing building owners, property managers and construction cost estimators assessing losses at considerably less than what we believe is eligible for compensation under the terms of insurance policies because local adjusters representing insurance companies are not fully trained in how to identify the full extent of hail damage.

The public adjusters at The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International are skilled at identifying all of the damage that can be caused by hail, not only to roofs, but all other covered property. We can assist you with your property damage claim in the following ways:

  1. We are up to speed with the latest trends in hail and / or roof claims, including insurance company’s efforts to reduce losses by claiming that no functional damage has occurred to certain roof products and building components.
  2. We know when to engage outside experts to counter insurance company consultants and to document and substantiate the claim.
  3. As the insured’s advocate, we have no conflict of interest. We interpret and apply all provisions of the policy with the insured’s best interest in mind.
  4. We are policy experts schooled in application and interpretation of policies. We have resources nationwide to draw from and are the industry leader in the public adjusting field.
  5. We are claims experts. Every day our adjusters prepare, present and negotiate property claims on behalf of business owners, real estate owners and homeowners.
  6. We understand the process and the steps necessary to a) Identify and agree upon the scope of damage, b) Quantify the most favorable costs based on the scope and c) Negotiate quickly and effectively to produce the best results.
  7. Because a large portion of our business is major (multi-million dollar) building claims, we are more than familiar with building code issues. We are proactive and comfortable in dealing with these issues with cities, building departments, permit expediters, architects, engineers and contractors.
  8. Lastly, and perhaps most valuably, we assume the burden of correctly handling the claim; freeing you to focus on getting your home, business, or property back in order.

Perhaps Cheryl Johnson, Risk Manager, Dallas Independent School District, said it best following their experiences with us:

Thanks to your intervention, the Dallas ISD recovered an additional $2,052,357 from our insurer for the hail damage that occurred in July of 2009. This is consistent with the work you did for us in 1995, when you successfully argued an additional $6M for hail damage and in 2003 when you increased our claim by over $1M when you found additional damage and renegotiated replacement versus repair costs. Again, thank you for your expertise that brought additional funds into the Dallas Independent School District and has literally saved the taxpayer millions.

Email or contact us today to see how we can assist you with your property damage claim. There is no charge for a consultation where our professionals will review your policy and damages. We are ready to provide you a roadmap for your financial recovery.

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